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Carpentry Tradesmen


sage-awesome-residential-construction-subcontractor-carpentry-framing-color-218x160Carpentry Framing – Our Tradesmen are skilled in residential framing techniques. We have our own ladders, scaffold, roof safety equipment, and the best tools of the trade to frame correctly. We understand the structural aspects of good framing and we will be onsite for all inspections of our work. Our window setting is done to perfecting standards to ensure manufacturer warranties are intact.

Finish Carpentry – Our Tradesmen have done it all.  Staircases, curved railings, cabinetry and millwork installation, returns on exposed ends of millwork. And, we don’t expect any transition to be a plinth block.  If you want someone to install pre-finished millwork, with stair caps and plinth blocks – don’t call us.

Custom Cabinetry and Millwork – Our cabinetry and millwork shop has equipment to mill custom profiles, and we regularly build and ship custom cabinetry and millwork solutions to our clients.

Call 763-557-7371 or email to talk directly about our relationship and getting a quote to you. In most cases, a sketch or photos are needed to offer pricing on your project.  We will do site visits for pricing as needed.