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Why SAGE is an awesome residential construction subcontractor


Sage Homes Inc. is an employee based, licensed general contractor who is ready to help accomplish your job as your residential construction subcontractor.

Our 15 years of construction experience will get your project done right.  


Eric Stendahl president Sage Homes standing holding rolled-up architectural document in his hands.

Eric Stendahl, Sage Homes President. Trusted residential subcontractor and legal expert.

ON-TIME. When we schedule it with you, we will be there.  You won’t be left wondering where we are, or when we will show up.

PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. Our employees have quality equipment and perform our work to better than the industry standard.

WARRANTED. As a licensed General Contractor, we offer the statute warranty coverage for all of our work.

INSURED. Our coverage exceeds all requirements for residential construction.

EASY TO COMMUNICATE WITH. Spend less time talking and more time getting things done.

WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOMEOWNERS LOVE YOU. We bring vacuums and drop cloths for all interior work. We are courteous to your clients and their property. We don’t allow smoking on any property. We wear clean construction clothing with company shirts. We clean up daily.

WE ARE SMART. With 15 years in the business and experienced Tradesmen, we know how to make sure we get the job done right and set up the next phase properly. Because we understand every phase of construction, we know how to make our product the best it can be for your follow-on   crews.



EXCAVATION – Specializing in small footprint excavation.  We have smaller equipment that is ideally suited to small and tight yards and spaces.  We don’t believe that you need to destroy half the front yard to get into the back yard to excavate for foundations.  Our equipment fits through 42” wide access.  We will remove excess soil.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor excavating small area of side yard

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with small footprint excavation.


CONCRETE AND FOUNDATION INSTALLATION – Our Tradesmen will frame footings, pour them and lay up foundation block.  We core fill, waterproof, insulate, install drainage tile, backfill and apply protective coatings to exterior insulation above grade.  We will be onsite for all required inspections of our work.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor laying concrete foundation

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with concrete and foundation installation.


CARPENTRY FRAMING – Our Tradesmen are skilled in residential framing techniques.  We have our own ladders, scaffold, roof safety equipment, and the best tools of the trade to frame correctly.  We understand the structural aspects of good framing and we will be onsite for all inspections of our work.  Our window setting is done to perfecting standards to ensure manufacturer warranties are intact.

CUSTOM CABINETRY AND MILLWORK – Our cabinetry and millwork shop has equipment to mill custom profiles, and we regularly build and ship custom cabinetry and millwork solutions to our clients.

FINISH CARPENTRY – Our Tradesmen have done it all.  Staircases, curved railings, cabinetry and millwork installation, returns on exposed ends of millwork, and we don’t expect any transition to be a plinth block.  If you want someone to install pre-finished millwork, with stair caps and plinth blocks – don’t call us.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor carpenter framing room

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with carpentry framing and custom cabinetry and millwork.


SIDING AND FASCIA INSTALLATION – We provide pump jack and boom equipment to reach the tallest peak of a residential project.  We utilize quality cutting equipment and are familiar with the manufacturers installation instructions for all materials we install.  We understand the watertight requirements of custom wood accents.  We know the best way to install siding and accessories to ensure water stays to the front.  We don’t back or blind caulk.  Our polyurethane caulk is to the front to keep moisture out and let the Building Official know we did it right.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor installing siding

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with siding and fascia installation.


TILE INSTALLATION – Quality tools combined with experienced Tradesmen make your tile installations flawless.  We use lippage devices for exceptionally flat installations, we have materials to form pans and curbs, we know how to work with electricians for heated floors and shower pans and bench seats, and we understand that installing tile is critical to the overall appearance of the job.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor tile installation

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with tile installation.


PAINTING FINISHES – Our paint and finish Tradesmen speak English, and understand what a real finish is supposed to look and feel like.  Whether its enamel, or stain and varnish, our finishers make your millwork look like a million bucks.  When it comes to wall paint, we don’t just roll it on and walk.  We inspect and spackle the walls to look the best they can for your client.

Sage awesome residential construction subcontractor painting ceiling

Why Sage? We’ll help you build an awesome home with painting finishes.



CALL 763-557-7371 OR EMAIL to talk directly about our relationship and getting a quote to you.  In most cases, a sketch or photos are needed to offer pricing on your project.  We will do site visits for pricing as needed.